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Bosch Rexroth is a multi-disciplined engineering company specialising in Drive and Control products and systems solutions. There are two divisions within the group - Hydraulics and Automation. These divisions work closely together ensuring a total solution to any Drive and/or Control application.

Rexroth Frequency Converter EFC 3600

The Rexroth EFC 3600 frequency converter is the compact, cost-efficient and energy-efficient drive solution for the power range from 0.4 kW to 4 kW. Easy commissioning and installation permit a wide range of applications.

* Compact and complete: space saving side-by-side assembly, plug-in I/O terminals, with brake chopper and mains filter - for ultra-simple installation and integration

* Simply practical: removable operator panel with storage function, straightforward parameter inputs, harmonized parameters for the entire series - to save time and improve quality during series start-up

* Maximized energy efficiency and minimized motor noises through continuously adjustable pulse frequency

Rexroth Frequency Converter FV

The Rexroth Frequency Converter FV is the new, optimized drive solution for the automation of various applications in the power range up to 90 kW. The different operating modes voltage/frequency (V/f), sensorless vector control (SVC), or field-oriented vector control (FOC) allow a wide range of applications.

* Brake chopper with up to 30 kW continuous braking power

* Easy to operate and service (detachable fan, LCD operating panel with copy function)

* Advanced functions and high performance

* Reliable quality

* CE marking and UL certification

* Worldwide availability and service

Rexroth Frequency Converter FE

Rexroth Frequency Converter Fe represents the economical line of converters for the power range from 0.75 kW to 160 kW. The Frequency Converter Fe is designed for V/f operation in harsh environments, allowing a wide range of applications.

* Broad performance spectrum

* High overcurrent carrying capacity

* Integrated brake chopper (< 15 kW)

* CE marking and UL certification

* Worldwide availability and service

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