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We can supply the full range of Baumer Hubner products:

Baumer Hubner Heavy Duty Encoders

Incremental Encoders with Square-Wave Signals - Measures speed and position in drive systems.

Incremental Encoders with Sine-Wave Signals - Low Harmonic technology that produces sine-wave signals with negligible harmonic content.

Absolute Encoders - Measures position in drive systems. Single-turn encoders are used to measure the position with in a turn. Multiturn encoders also record the number of completed turns.

Speed Switches - Available as either purely mechanical devices (centrifugal force switches) or as electronic switches. Speed Switches trigger state changes at minimum one switch output when preset switching speeds are overshot or undershot. They often perform a safety function, but are also used for general control tasks.

Please note: Automation Sales is an independent supplier of Baumer products not an Authorised Distributor.

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